How do I set the time on my telephone system?
From the lowest extension number (usually 300 or 301), press # 83, press hold and follow prompts.

Can I use a headset on my telephone system?
Yes, but use one compatible with your digital telephone. Plantronics makes headsets that work great with NEC telephone systems.

Can I have Music-On-Hold on my telephone system?
Yes, on the DSX system, there are 2 music inputs.

How do I make my phone ring or not ring on a certain line?
Ringing is a user programmable feature. With your telephone idle, press # 725. Press the line or lines one at a time until they turn Green to ring (always) or Red to not ring (Lamp only). Then press Save.

How can I adjust the contrast on the display of my telephone?

With your telephone idle, tap the volume up or down key until you obtain the contrast you want.